Approach to SDGs

Sustainable development – Improving energy efficiency

◎Switch to renewable energy

Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort is in the process of converting to renewable energy. In addition to the alpen quad lift, which is already running year-round on CO2-free energy, an additional nine lifts will be converted for the 2020-2021 season and approximately 50% of the ski resort’s lifts will be powered by renewable energy.
The switchover is also underway at other facilities located in and around the ski resort such as restaurants and onsens.

Lifts operating on renewable energy (as of 1st February 2021)
Alpen quad
Kurobishi 2 quad
Kurobishi 3 pair
Kokusai 1 pair
Kokusai 3 Pair  A & B line
Sakka 2 pair
Kitaone 3 pair
Sakka Kitaone quad
Skyline 2 pair

As of 1st February 2021, 10% of the electricity used by the following lifts will come from renewable energy sources.
Nakiyama 2 pair
Nakiyama 3 triple A & B line
Riesen quad

In the midst of global warming and increasing irregular weather patterns, ski resorts have been emitting volumes of CO2 with the use of snowmaking machines, grooming, lift operations, heating and lighting. In accordance with national climate change and energy strategies it is important for ski resorts to embrace and adopt innovative technologies. By making small changes toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly tourism facility this also means we can pass them on to future generations so that everyone who is passionate and enjoys nature and the outdoors can continue to enjoy their time here.

◎Fuel efficiency – cut cost & reduce the burden on the environment

In 2020-2021 season, we trialed a new energy efficient program 「Snow How]  for the efficient operations of our grooming and snowmaking. By installing the Prinoth Snow How system for one of our groomers we could foresee the overall measurement of energy and cost savings.
・snow measurement
・fleet management
・snow inventory
・idling time
・fuel consumption
Reducing the burden on the environment through lean and efficient management we hope to fully install the system in the short term future.