Approach to SDGs

Engaging with our community & region

◎Happo-one Environmental Conservation

Happo-one is covered with serpentine rock from the foot of the mountain to around 2,000m above sea level, the terrain of Happo-one is a unique area where plants usually found in alpine areas can be observed in the subalpine zone. This is due to the natural environment such as geology, topography and weather conditions. As well as rare plant species unique to serpentine rock and plants unique to Happo One.

This project is important for the community and to ensure the preservation of alpine vegetation these activities are conducted annually with the local residents.

◎POW Japan – a new partnership

Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort has formed a partnership with Protect Our Winters Japan (POW Japan). POW Japan is an organization working on climate change issues based on the principle of “protecting our beloved winter from climate change and connecting it to the future. In recent years, global warming has caused serious climate change.

What can we do to protect the future of the earth from winter?

We, Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort, will become a supporter of POW Japan and work together to tackle the issue of climate change.

About POW Japan → official website

◎Hakuba Valley Tourism – Sustainable Development Initiatives

HAKUBA VALLEY TOURISM (HVT) is a Destination Management Organization (DMO) for the lift companies and mountain resorts. In cooperation with the regional municipalities including Omachi City, Hakuba Village and Otari Village,  HVT is working together with the government, ski resorts, restaurants and lodging facilities to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  Hakuba Happo-one ski resort aims to become a mountain eco-resort. Ideally a place where the local economy can circulate in abundance through tourism and the people who live there can live proudly and together work on local issues to sustain our beautiful environment for now and future generations.

◎Hakuba Rainbow Festival – Cooperation for peace in our communities, gender equality and empower women & girls

The Hakuba Rainbow Festival officially began in the spring season in 2019. During the final months of the snow season we plan events at each ski resort and facilities in the village. This is a unified festival including many different types of events which can be enjoyed by all people regardless of their gender, nationality or generation. The annual Hakuba Rainbow Festival provides an opportunity to think about social equality and “being yourself.  Hakuba is working to support this as well as to deepen the understanding of the LGBT community and respect diversity. In addition, empowering women and girls is a topic we embrace and strive to support females with a passion for the outdoors and mountains. We hope everyone participating in this festival feels a sense of unity and safety in knowing that you can be yourself.  We are open to additional events, in particular supporting females.  So if you too support our philosophy, feel free to let us know. Our official FACEBOOK page has a message inbox.