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COVID Safety Operation Measures Winter

When visiting our resort please co-operate with the following basic measures against infectious diseases and keep safe during the COVID emergency situation.
Our resort staff working at our facilities (chairlifts, restaurants, onsens, toilet/restroom and souvenir shops)  have been trained and informed about safety measures in response to further preventing the risk of community infection.
Latest information on Coronavirus disease (COVID) is HERE

Be aware of the most important things that WE can do to stop the spread of COVID
When visiting our resort please cooperate with the following measures to keep safe.
・Disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfection provided when entering or leaving each facility.
・Please wear a mask. * Staff also wear masks and gloves to prevent infection.

・The Gondola will be disinfected after each ride.

・The Gondola will not be shared with other groups. However, with the consent of both users, individual (single) riders may share the ride.
・In the case of 2-seater lifts, only the same group can ride together.
・If you are not in a group, please leave at least one seat space between each other.
・Cashless payment is recommended and trays are used for money transfer. We also recommend to make use of the online webshop and lift ticket vending machine to avoid contact with others.
*If you have any concerns, please contact us on ☎0261-72-3280 for the latest information.

・In a small shop with limited space only one group will be permitted to enter at a time.

・The installation of tabletop POP and menus will be discontinued and replaced with bulletin boards.
Regular cleaning of cutlery will be carried out.
The number of seats has been reduced by installing partitions between seats facing each other.

・Before boarding the shuttle bus please wear a mask or ski face cover or some form of cover over your face to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

・Disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfection provided at the entrance to the lift.
* Staff also wear masks to prevent infection.

Free and Paid parking is available near each slope. For more information please click here .

Staff will be at the entrance of the parking area to guide you at the base areas of Happo-one Ski Resort.
If the car park is full we will place signage FULL and also post on our home page and digital signage at the entrance to Happo and Nakiyama.

・All parts of the facility are regularly ventilated.

・Disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfection provided at the entrance.
・Please respect social distancing.
・Please wear a mask. * Staff also wear masks to prevent infection.

Please install the COVID-19 application 「COCOA」 to register your visit at our resort and switch on the Bluetooth function.

In the future, this will save time and assist in creating a smoother entry to our venue and other facilities. This app is for use in Japan only. Officially provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan (MHLW), this app notifies you of close contact with COVID positive users to help the government and healthcare organizations contain the spread of COVID.

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