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Tuesday 28 June The Happo-ike Pond trail

Tuesday 28 June
The restrooms near the second cairn are now open.
a keep-out sign is posted on the side of the wooden path that is closed.
Please do not enter the prohibited area for your safety.

Sat 25 June

The deck at Happo Pond is now open.

Fri 17 June

The following is an update on the current conditions at Happo Pond.

The snow near Happo-ike Villa and between the second cairn and Happo Cairn has melted, but the wooden path below the restrooms is still impassable due to the snow remaining.

Please use the trail on the right side of the route.

We are able to see snow remaining at Happo-ike Pond for a while longer.

▼The wooden path below the restrooms is still snow-covered and impassable, so please take the right-hand path (rocky terrain).

▼There is still snow remaining at Happo -ike Pond.

What's New