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Course Map



Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the 75th Riesen Slalom Competition. If you would like to order photos taken by Photo Create, please click HERE. We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Reminiscing about the history of the Riesen Slalom

  • Chapter 1 - The dream for Happo - a downhill race
  • Chapter 2 - Innovative development
  • Chapter 3 – Happo-one Riesen Slalom

The history of the Riesen Slalom Competition

Time Schedule
6:45 Ticket window opens for competitors (Nakiyama Ticket Center in front of Nakiyama Triple Lift)
7:00 Competitors can ride Nakiyama 3 triple lift
7:10 Competitors can ride Riesen quad lift
7:30 Course Inspection starts
8:00 Course inspection limited time
8:20 Course inspection finished
Competition Schedule & CategoryCurrent age group is according to your date of birth as of 1st April 2021
Competition Schedule Men Women Starting Order
Day 1 Thursday 4th
◎A course
Altitude 595m
Distance 2,500m
Class 5 (Age 60~69)
Class 6 (Age over 70)
Class 7 (Age over 80)
Class 1 (youth~24)
Class 2 (Age 25~39)
Class 3 (Age 40~59)
Class 4 (Age over 60)
1. Men Class 7 (Age over 80)
2. Men Class 6 (Age over 70~79)
3. Women Class 4 (Age over 60)
4. Women Class 3 (Age 40~59)
5. Women Class 2 (Age 25~39)
6. Women Class 1 (youth~24)
7. Men Class 5 (Age 60~69)
8. A course open class
Open Class Men Age 12 ~ Age 59
Day 2 Friday 5th
◎B course
Altitude 595m
Distance 2,500m
Class 1 (youth~24)
Class 2 (Age 25~39)
Class 3 (Age 40~49)
Class 4 (Age 50-59)
- 1. Men Class 4 (Age 50~59)
2. Men Class 3 (Age 40~49)
3. Men Class 2 (Age 25~39)
4. Men Class 1 (youth~24)
5. B course open class
Open Class Men (Age over 60) ・Women Age 12 ~ no upper age limit
Race Category
Important Notes
*Personal Time Race
*Opening ceremony will be held at the goal from 8:40am Thursday 30th January 2019
*The pole setting will change for Course A and Course B
*Must wear a helmet during the competition
*On the occasion that the Riesen Slalom Course is damaged and/or due to adverse weather conditions the competition will be cancelled
*Registration fee is non-refundable
*Please be understanding of these rules
  • GoPro
  • HEAD
  • ICI 石井スポーツ

Organizer: Hakuba Village・Riesen Slalom Race Committee
Supervision: Hakuba Happo-one Ski School
Support & Sponsor: Shinano Mainichi Newspaper・Ogasaka Ski・Happo Ward・Happo Guchi Ward・Hakuba Kankou Kaihatsu・ Happo-one Tourism Association・Happo Promotion Board・Hakuba Ski Club