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KORUA SHAPES event~Ride with KORUA team

We are running a “RIDE With KORUA” event in Japan this winterGOOD
Our team riders, Nicholas Wolken and ※Antti Autti, are going to come to Japan for this event.
You will have the opportunity to go snowboarding with them and have your photos taken by a professional photographer.
There will be an afterparty held after a day of snowboarding.
See details below:
RIDE With KORUA Team JAPAN 2019びっくり
※Sorry for the unfortunate news, we have just heard today that Antti Autti is unable to attend this event due to another schedule.

Korua Shape@Happo Banks_16FEB2019 

■Venue @Happo One Ski Resort – HAPPO BANKS
Starts: 10:00am  &   Ends:   3:00pm

DJ Robyn Gold - LIVE!

In the Hakuba Happo-one ski area (along Kitaone no.3 pair lift)
Access to Hakuba Happo-one ski area. Click here


Within the resort:
Use Sakka Kitaone quad lift from No.8 Parking lot.

From other part of the resort:
Access to Usagidaira area and hop onto the “Usagidaira pair lift”, you can ride the skyline course all the way down to the park area.

   Starts: 3:00pm  &   Ends: 5:00pm (tentatively)

Note that we have a limited capacity of 30 people.
※ Participation in the event, and afterparty is FREE (food will be provided).
※ You will have to pay for your own lift tickets, and drinks at the afterparty.
※ We recommend that you make a reservation in advance due to limited capacity.

■Please send us an email with your name, and email address or phone number if you would like to participate in the events.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Special Thanks: 白馬八方尾根 Hakuba Happo-One HAPPO BANKS the snow park

- The KORUA Shapes Team

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