Season Pass Online application

  • Application and payment proceduresStarts 8:00am on Sunday 1st October 2023
  • Application deadlineEnds 11:59pm on Friday 10th November 2023 (Webshop only)
  • Payment methodcredit card recommended or by bank transfer (Japan Post Bank)
  • System RequirementsPC browser
    ※Please note that although it is possible to apply from smartphones, it depends on the security of each carrier.
Adult A
(40 years old and above ~)
SAVE 20,500yen!
SAVE 17,000yen!
  • Valid from open ~ Monday 7 May 2024
Adult B
(18 years old ~ 39 years old)
SAVE 10,000yen!
SAVE 8,000yen!
  • Valid from opening day to Monday 7 May 2024
  • Available for those whom 18~39 years old at the time of application
(6 years old ~ 17 years old)
SAVE 6,500yen!
SAVE 5,000yen!
  • Valid from open ~ Monday 7 May 2024
  • Available for Elementary school, junior high school and high school students at the time of application, (Including high school graduates in 2024)
Open Age Category - - ¥44,000
  • Friday 1 March ~ Monday 7 May 2024
  • Please note that the period of use may vary depending on weather conditions.
  • There is no senior early bird pricing this year. Please purchase an Adult A, 40 years old and above early bird season pass priced at 77,000 yen.

How to Apply

Required documents

  • Fill in the Season Pass Application Form in all the required fields.
  • Provide two color photographs (no more than 6 months old, 4cm x 3cm)
    • Attach the first photo to the application form and write your name on the back of the second photo. Please enclose it with the application form.
      If you apply for a regular season pass a photo will be taken at the office and issued on the spot. A photo is not required when applying for a regular season pass.
      The following photos cannot be used for identification purposes at the lift ticket/gate checkpoint.
      Photos taken on a side or diagonal angle making it difficult to identify the person. Horizontal or oblique photos, snapshots, purikura photos, wearing a hat or sunglasses, etc.
  • A copy of a document that verifies your age such as a driver's license, insurance card, etc. is required for those who purchase an early bird season pass (18-39 years old) or early bird season tickets for children
  • If you are applying by bank transfer, a copy of the bank transfer receipt is required, even if you transfer funds using net banking, a copy of the transaction is required.

How to apply

How to collect your Season Pass

  • Purchase & Receipt
    We do not provide handwritten receipts for online applications. Please use the statement issued by your credit card company.
  • Cancellations
    Cancellation or change of pass type is not permitted after the application has been completed. Also, in the circumstances of inclement weather, lack of snow and changes to business operations we will not cancel or refund.
  • Collecting Season Passes
    Visit the Happo Season Pass Office (Happo Information Center) after the designated date emailed or posted to your address. You need to come in person, bring the QR code sent to you by e-mail and provide proof of identify by photo ID such as a driver's license, insurance card, residence card or passport

2023-2024 Hakuba Happo-one Season Pass Terms & Conditions

Happo-one Ski Resort & Lift Association
Users of Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort (the "Ski Resort") 2023-2024 Season Pass ("Season Pass") issued by Happo-one Lift Association (the "Lift Association") (hereinafter referred to as "you," "registered customer," or "Season Pass Holder") shall abide by the following terms and conditions ("Terms & Conditions").

  1. Effect of the Terms & Conditions
    By applying to use the Season Pass, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms & Conditions and the Terms & Conditions shall take effect on you.
  2. Issuing of the Season Pass
    The Season Pass will be issued at the Information Center designated by the Lift Association. To receive your Season Pass, you must present an Identification Document in person to the Information Center. The Season Pass must be received by the applicant in person.
  3. Cancellation, Etc. of Purchases

    No cancellation or refund will be made for any reason once you have completed the purchasing process of the Season Pass.
    The Lift Association will not indemnify for changes in facilities, operation season or business hours due to inclement weather, snowfall conditions, natural disasters or operational reasons, or in the event the season is shorter than scheduled (or compared to usual seasons) due to insufficient snow or any other reason.

  4. Effective Term
    The effective term of the Season Pass shall be from the opening date of the Ski Resort (scheduled in December 2023) to the closing date (scheduled in March – early May 2024); provided, however, that the opening date, closing date, and business hours are subject to changes, and the season may be shorter than scheduled due to snowfall conditions, snow conditions, course conditions, and other reasons.
  5. Prohibition of Improper Use
    (i) The Season Pass may be used solely by the registered customer (your photo and name will appear on the Season Pass). If the Season Pass is used by anyone other than yourself for whatever reason, the Season Pass will immediately become invalid, and may be confiscated or revoked.
    (ii) The Season Pass shall not be transferred, resold, or leased to any third party. If it is found that the Season Pass has been transferred, resold, or leased, it will immediately become invalid. Modification or falsification of the Season Pass may result in punishment by the laws.
    (iii) You are not allowed to conduct business activities for profit using the Season Pass (including but not limited to school business).
    (iv) If it is found that a Season Pass has been used in an improper manner (modified, falsified, used by anyone other than the registered customer), the Season Pass will be confiscated, and the unauthorized user will be charged the standard price of the Season Pass, plus an extra payment equivalent to twice the amount of the standard price. Malicious acts will be reported to the police.
    (v) In addition to each of the above items, the Lift Association shall be entitled to prohibit such unauthorized user from all future access to the Ski Resort.
    (vi) You must promptly present the Season Pass when requested by the Ski Patrol or Ski Resort staff.
  6. Violation of the Terms & Conditions
    In the event you are in violation with all or parts of these Terms & Conditions or the Ski Area Rules, the Lift Association may confiscate the Season Pass or suspend the use thereof and shall be entitled to prohibit all future access to the Ski Resort.
  7. Handling of the Season Pass
    The Season Pass contains an IC chip. Be careful not to bend it or apply any strong impact. If you lose your Season Pass, or if it becomes bent or damaged and unreadable by the gate sensor, you must pay 5,000 yen to have the Season Pass reissued. It may take some time to reissue the Season Pass. Please handle your Season Pass with care.
  8. Accidents
    Please abide by the Ski Area Rules and use the Ski Resort safely. The Lift Association is not responsible for any accident resulting from ignorance or negligence of the Ski Area Rules.

  9. Protection of Personal Information

    1. Obtaining Personal Information
      The Lift Association obtains personal information from the applicant of the Season Pass within the extent necessary for the processing of the application.
    2. Collecting Personal Information
      Please be sure to complete all "mandatory" items in the application form. The Lift Association may not be able to process incomplete applications or respond to inquiries.
    3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
      The Lift Association will use your Personal Information (name, ID number, etc. of the purchaser; hereinafter the same) for the following purposes:
      (i) To contact you in order to confirm your reservation.
      (ii) To provide you with services, products and information.
      (iii) To conduct marketing activities.
      (iv) To conduct analysis for the improvement of services and products.
      (v) To request compliance with the terms and conditions regarding the use of services provided through the website/mobile website of the Lift Association.
      (vi) To protect you and the services provided through the website/mobile website of the Lift Association.
    4. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
      Your Personal Information entered in the application form will be provided to VAIL RESORTS for the purpose of confirming the eligibility of privileges under the partnership with VAIL RESORTS.
    5. Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information
      In the event the Lift Association outsources certain tasks to a third party within the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use of Personal Information as clearly defined, the Lift Association will inspect the nominated third party's safety control system with respect to Personal Information and conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the nominated third party.
    6. Privacy Policy, Inquiries
      For items not stated above, please contact Happo-one Managing Lift Company: Tel: 0261-72-3280 or Happo Season Pass Office: Tel: 0261-72-3066
      Enacted 20 August 2020. Updated 22 september 2023.