Trattoria Primo Pizza & Pasta

A popular restaurant in Karuizawa appears on Usagidaira Terrace 2nd floor!

This Italian restaurant specializes in authentic pizza and pasta served with delicious side dishes.
Non-Italian original menus, some rich alcohol menu is also available.
You can spend a luxurious time here while gazing at the beautiful mountains.

  • Our Recommendation
  • Pizza Truffle Fungi with four kinds of mushrooms from Shinshu and truffle aroma : 2,000yen
  • Spaghetti with Nozawana pickled vegetables and sakura shrimp from Shinshu: Nozawana : 1,050yen
  • Spice curry developed in collaboration with HIGE, famous for its authentic spice curry : 1,100yen
  • Business Hours
  • Sat 10th July - Sun 31st October
    ※Plans to open 2021
    10:00 - 16:00 (L.O 15:30)
    *Business period and hours may change without notice.
  • Seats
  • 90 seats available (include terrace seats)


Opened in Summer 2019, this "On-mountain beach resort" offers a wide lounge area with panoramic views of the village and relaxing atmosphere. An original food menu with a great variety of drinks available using the local ingredients. The most notable facility is the Jacuzzi and Gondola style Sauna. The experience here will be a highlight of your stay in Hakuba.

  • Our Recommendation
  • Beef & Pork Smoked Cheeseburger : 1,400yen
  • Hakuba Blueberry & Elderflower Soda : 700yen
  • Sauna & Jacuzzi : 2,000 yen per person (90 minutes)
    ① 10:00~11:30 ②12:00~13:30 ③14:00~15:30
    Inquiries: 0261-72-3280
    *Sauna & Jacuzzi is only for 13 years old and older (no child entry)
  • Business Hours
  • Saturday 5th June - Sunday 6th June / Saturday 12th June - Sunday 31st October
    ※Plans to open 2021
    Bar / 9:00am - 16:00pm
    Sauna & Jacuzzi / 9:30am - 16:00pm(Last entry at 14:00pm)
    *The opening of the facility is weather dependent.

Cafe & Restaurant Pilar

Hakuba’s Superb Cafe & Restaurant

Pilar’s restaurant offers chef-recommended courses serving with local ingredients. The cafe has some great menu options including croissant sandwiches and sweets. Come visit us this season on the mountain.

  • Our Recommendation
  • <Restaurant>
  • Pasta lunch course : 2,000yen
  • Main lunch course : 2,750yen
  • Homemade bread plate lunch : 1,200yen
  • Local cooked vegetables, 16-grain rice with salad : 1,000yen
  • Refreshing chicken curry with Shinshu apples & highland vegetables : 1,000yen
  • Soft cream : 450yen
  • <Cafe>
  • Hot Dog : 660yen〜
  • Sweet : 440yen〜
  • Business Hours
  • Café: Saturday 12th June - Sunday 24th October 9:00 - 15:30 (L.O. 15:00)
    Restaurant: Mid-July - Sunday 24th October
    ※plans to open
    Closed: Open daily during the season
    ※Check home page for details HERE
  • Seats
  • Restaurant / 20 seats available
    Cafe / 32 seats available
  • Contact
  • +81-0261-72-8438

Kitaone Kogen Highland Terrace

※ 2021 Summer operations will be closed for business this season.


A traditional Japanese house with local sake and local cuisine.

"Ohyokkuri" is a traditional hot pot made by adding vegetables, chicken and pork to dumplings kneaded with Shinshu miso.
On hot days, we recommend "Happo Onsen Udon" which is a refreshing udon with a unique texture.
In the evening, you can enjoy Japanese food and local sake in a restaurant where you can feel the history of Japan.

  • Our Recommendation
  • Ohyokkuri set meal : 1,100yen (Lunch)
  • Happo onsen udon : 700yen (Lunch)
  • Service a la carte : 350yen~ (Dinner)
  • Business Hours
  • Closed on Thursday
    ・Lunch time / 12:00pm – 2:00pm
    ・Dinner time / 5:30pm – 9:00pm
    *Business period and hours may change without notice.
  • Contact
  • +81-0261-72-2661

Happo Bijin

Local ramen with onsen water

There is a unique noodle with 5 tastes of soup, soy sauce, miso, salt, spicy miso. Our specialty is tsukemen noodles to dip in a separate soup. It’s a nice lifestyle to have an onsen, ramen & gyoza after any outdoor activity.

  • Our Recommendation
  • Special ramen : 750yen〜
  • Special tsukemen : 800yen〜
  • Gyoza : 500yen
  • Rice bowl with roasted pork fillet : 350yen
  • Business Hours
  • Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    11:00am – 6:00pm
    *Business period and hours may change without notice.
  • Contact
  • +81-0261-72-5377
  • Access
  • Access In Happo #2 car parking, next to HAPPO-NO-YU
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