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Information for customers planning to climb Happo Ike Pond

During the green season, you can enjoy trekking to Happo Ike Pond relatively easily, but at the moment, the upper part of the route from  Happo Ike Sanso where located at the end of the Grat quad lift is still covered with lingering snow and requires mountaineering gear.

You need to submit your climbing reports when you purchase your ticket.

It’s extremely dangerous to climb the mountain with light clothing and no equipment. Please be aware of this.

▼There are places where melted snow is flowing along the trail. 

▼Be careful not to deviate from the climbing route.

▼29 April : Happo Ike Pond is still covered with snow. The snow usually melts between June and July!!!

▼25 June, 2023 “Happo Ike Pond”

Please come back to Happo-one in the green season!!

What's New