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Tue 20 – Thu 22 February Partial course restrictions due to Riesen Slalom Competition

Due to the competition, from the top of Riesen Slalom course to the bottom of Riesen Slalom course will be closed from 8:00am on Tuesday 20 February until the end of the event on Thursday 22 February.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to ensure the safety of the event.

*Please check the illustration below
The competitors race course : red line.
The non-competitors ski course : blue line

Caution to non-competitors, please descend the Riesen Slalom course and cat-tracks carefully. It is possible to exit to Nakiyama slope or Shirakaba slope.

▼To all competitors
We are now preparing to send out the bib race numbers.
Please make sure to bring your bibs with you to the event as they will be sent out around the 13 February.

What's New