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Notice of Closing of Ski Resort and GW Business

We would like to appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation in the operation of our ski resort.

In consideration of the slope conditions as of 24 April and future weather conditions, we will close the ski resort on the following dates.

◆Close date of ski slope operatio: Sunday 30 April
The closing date may be earlier depending on the melting snow.

◆Planed closure due to inclement weather forecast: Wednesday, 26 April
Rain is forecasted from midnight of 25 to 26 April, and it is difficult to ensure a safe environment on the slopes, therefore, we will make a planned closure. We will make temporary arrangements for mountain climbers to descend the slopes.

◆GW operation (Monday 1 May – Sunday 7 May)
Happo Alpen Line (gondola lift, alpen quad lift, and grat quad lift) will be in operation until 7 May for general sightseeing and spring mountain climbing.

In addition to sightseeing and mountain climbing, there will be a fluffy playground and sledding area around Usagi-daira Terrace. You can also enjoy a tent sauna at Hakuba Mountain Beach while gazing at the beautiful view of the Northern Alps with lingering snow.

*Please note that the upper part of Happo-ike Villa is a snow mountain, so please submit a mountaineering report and bring snow mountaineering gear when hiking up the mountain.
*Season tickets for Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort and Hakuba Valley for the 2022-23 season are not valid for use in the gondola lifts or lifts. Thank you for your understanding.


What's New