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Summer Season 2021 at Hakuba Happo-one

Summer time is here!! Happo-one Mountain & Onsen Resort OPENS  Sat 5th June ~ Sun31st October 2021.
We have had to make some changes to our Summer Season (also known in Japan as the GREEN SEASON) operations due to the impact of COVID. To assure our Guests that safety operation measures are in place please refer to the following business operation information below.

There are many ways to enjoy and make the best of your time on the mountain. One of the most popular spots to visit is Happo-ike located at 2,060m. Take in the splendid views and have lunch at Usagidaira Terrace or Happo-ike Hut (exit at Grat quad lift).
To access the mountain, Guests will need to purchase a lift ticket and ride either the Alpen lift line or Kurobishi lift line. Please see below for the operating period of each line.

Happo Alpine Line
Gondola + Alpen quad lift + Grat quad lift
Sat 5th ~ Sun 6th June, Sat 12th June ~ Sun 31st October.

Kurobishi Line  ( MY CAR – Guests have the option to drive 9km along the forest road to arrive at Kurobishi Lift line)
Kurobishi No.3 Pair Lift + Grat quad lift
200 free parking spaces for vehicles at Kurobishi.
Thurs 1st July ~ Sun 10th October.

Usagidaira Terrace Information (Japanese, some English)  HERE
Open in conjunction with the Gondola service.

Hakuba Happo Onsen
Happo no Yu and Mimizuku no Yu will operate all year round.
Obinata no yu: Sat 17th July ~ Sun 10th October
Sato no yu will not be operating this season. Thank you for your understanding.
Hakuba Happo Onsen Information (Japanese, some English) HERE

Kitaone Kogen will not be operating this season.
Due to various reasons, we have decided not to open Kitaone Kogen for the 2021 green season.
We apologize for the inconvenience to those who have been looking forward to it this year.

Skyline Route (Kitaone quad lift + Kogen Shuttle Bus + Kurobishi #3 pair lift + Grat quad lift) will not be operating this season. Please note that there will also be no free shuttle bus service to and from Kitaone Kogen. Further details are in Japanese only HERE

Alpen line return fare ADULT: 3,000 yen CHILD: 1,850 yen
Kurobishi line return fare ADULT: 1,680 yen CHILD: 1,010 yen

Happo-ike 2,060m

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