Trail Conditions

Update at 2022.12.01 09:12

  • Partially closed
  • Closed

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  • Update at 2022.12.01 09:12
trail status note
A Riesen Grat Course X other
B Kurobishi X other
C Usagidaira X other
D Skyline Course X insufficient snow
E Tenbo Course X other
F Upper Urakuro X insufficient snow
G Lower Urakuro X insufficient snow
H Omusubi X other
I Riesen Slalom Course X other
J Usuba Cat Track X other
K Panorama Course X insufficient snow
L Central Course X other
M Olympic Course II X other
N Panorama Cat Track X other
O Glamping Area X other
P Race Training Area X CLOSE
trail status note
Q Kitaone Cat Track X other
R Upper Kitaone X other
S Lower Kitaone X other
T Kitaone New Course X other
U Sakka Wave X other
V Olympic Course Ⅰ X other
W Nakiyama South X other
X Lower Usuba X other
Y Nakiyama Wall X other
Z Nakiyama North X other
AA Nakiyama Snowland X other
BB Upper Shirakaba South X other
CC Lower Shirakaba South X other
DD Shirakaba North X other
EE Lower Kokusai X other
FF Sakka South X other
GG Sakka North X other
HH Adventure Park Sakka X other