Trail Conditions

Update at 2024.04.07 16:02

  • Partially closed
  • Closed

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2024.02.20Tue.20 February Course Condition

All slopes were not pressed due to rain.

Please check the surrounding conditions carefully.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

  • Update at 2024.04.07 16:02
trail status note
A Riesen Grat Course ○
B Kurobishi ○
C Usagidaira ○
D Skyline Course ○
E Tenbo Course X maintenance
F Upper Urakuro ○
G Lower Urakuro ○
H Omusubi X other
I Riesen Slalom Course X other
J Usuba Cat Track X other
K Panorama Course ○
L Central Course X other
M Olympic Course II X other
N Panorama Cat Track X other
O Glamping Area X other
trail status note
Q Kitaone Cat Track X other
R Upper Kitaone X other
S Lower Kitaone X other
T Kitaone New Course X other
U Sakka Wave X other
V Olympic Course Ⅰ X other
W Nakiyama South X other
X Lower Usuba X other
Y Nakiyama Wall X other
Z Nakiyama North X other
AA Nakiyama Snowland X other
BB Upper Shirakaba South X other
CC Lower Shirakaba South X other
DD Shirakaba North X other
EE Lower Kokusai X other
FF Sakka South X other
GG Sakka North X other