Hakuba Happo Snow Safety

Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort Terms and Conditions of Use

The terms of use of this ski area and transportation contract for cableway business are in accordance with the “Hakuba Happo-one Ski Area Terms and Conditions of Use”.

Hakuba Valley Snow Resort Boundary Information

HAKUBAVALLEY ski resorts have introduced an integrated boundary sign poles, markings and slope signage for your safety.
All guests who enjoy snow sports in our resorts, please pay close attention to the resort map, signs, markings, and boundary poles in all areas.

Yellow and Black colored boundary sign poles:

Yellow and Black colored sign poles (shown in Picture 1) mark the ski area boundary beyond these markings is outside the controlled area. Beyond the boundary is recognized as an uncontrolled area and is subjected to numerous risk factors with severe consequences. Please be aware of the danger and always stay inside the boundary.
For those who exit the resort for hiking or backcountry Snowsports, you will be required to go through the designated resort exit gate and prohibited to exit from other areas. Ensure you have all the appropriate safety equipment and knowledge or are in expert company to minimize the risks in the backcountry.

In the case of bad weather conditions, we strongly recommend not exiting the resort into the alpine area (especially Hakuba Goryu) due to increased risks.
If there are areas of the resort that are closed, please refrain from entering as these areas have been deemed unsafe for specific reasons. Only enter these areas if the gates are open and restrictions and signage have been removed by Patrol. If you require any further information, please ask the Ski Patrol.

Yellow and Red with black stripes colored sign poles:

Yellow colored bamboo and plastic poles (shown in Picture 2) mark restricted areas inside the ski resort. It is severely prohibited to ski or snowboard in these areas when closed by Patrol for any reason.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the guidelines put in place for the enjoyment and safety of all guests.

HAKUBA VALLEY Safety Tips Safety Precautions
- please enjoy skiing and backcountry safely -

Avalanche Management and Risk Assessment

Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort conducts daily avalanche assessment in the morning and throughout the day. When there is a risk of an avalanche occurring in the ski area, Happo Ski Patrol will ski cut certain areas and use explosives to artificially trigger the avalanche.
Until the safety of the slope and off-piste areas have been risk assessed and confirmed, the lift operations and slopes will remain closed. Please note that the opening times may be later than scheduled.
In the event that the risk of avalanche increases during the day due to heavy snowfall, strong winds, rain, warm temperatures and other weather conditions, Happo Ski Patrol avalanche control operations may be conducted at any time to ensure the safety of our guests.
If explosives are to be used, Patrollers with the required qualifications will work carefully and securely based on experience, knowledge and judgment. Please be aware that loud explosive noises will be heard when explosives have been ignited or on a warm or clear day, the noise could be even louder than expected. Please be understanding of this situation and thank you for your cooperation.

Snow Safety

  1. Snow Resort Prohibited Areas

    As mentioned on the ski course map do ski or ride in the prohibited areas and restricted boundaries at Happo-one. Do not enter closed areas, if you are uncertain of the area, DO NOT ENTER at all, it is better to check with Ski Patrol Staff or Authorized Personnel before entering unknown areas.
    Contrary to this if you do enter unknown areas this will result in cancellation of your lift ticket and/or pass. In addition, you will lose all skiing/rider privileges.
    Safety message for riders beyond the rope
    English & Japanese
    Chinese & English

  2. Freeriding Area "OMUSUBI"

    Omusubi is a freeriding area limited to advanced and above skiers and riders. You may ski/ride in this area only when the upper gate is open.
    Ski Patrol conduct daily avalanche risk assessment, however, please be aware of the risks involved when freeriding.

  3. Snow Resort Management Duties and Obligations

    If the snow resort supports search and rescue activities for a distressed person outside of the ski resort management area at the request of a private individual or group, the snow resort shall request the payment of relevant expenses for search and rescue support activities. In addition, when the resort conducts search and rescue activities in a closed area within the snow resort management area, the resort shall claim the relevant expenses to the person who requires assistance at the time.

  4. Guests and Visitors Duties and Obligations

    For your safety and enjoyment on the slopes we kindly request all participants to observe and follow any instructions from Management as well as the Ski Patrol Staff. Please follow and practice the Hakuba Valley Safety Tips as part of your responsibility code of conduct when visiting our snow resort.

  5. Mountain Climbing and Ski Mountaineering

    Please follow the relevant procedures before you engage in mountain climbing and ski mountaineering activities including back country tours at Hakuba Happo-one. There is only one backcountry gate to exit Happo-one, for your safety and others please exit from this designated gate located at the exit of Grat quad lift. Permission to engage in such activities requires your planned schedule to be formally submitted along with the relevant form. This form is available at either Gondola Adam Base Lift or Happo-ike Sanso located at the top of the Grat Quad Lift. The form can be filled in and submitted on the day of intended departure.
    7 steps to avalanche safety

  6. Do not ski off the cat track and do not ski outside the designated ski course and trails as this may trigger a landslide or avalanche within the ski resort.
  7. The use of drones is prohibited unless the operator obtains consent from Happo-one Snow Resort Management.
  8. The safety management of the snow resort corresponds to the Snow Sports Safety Standards established bt the Japan Association of Skiing Safety (JASS).
  9. Refusal to abide by this Agreement will immediately result in cancellation or refusal to use the snow resort services by Happo-one Snow Resort Management including Ski Patrol. In such cases, we will not refund any fees regardless of the reason.

There are inherent dangers in snow sports, such as falls, collisions, poor weather conditions, and poor visibility. Please be aware of these dangers and enjoy your stay.