Trail Guide

Nakiyama slope


A good base to begin where beginner gradients merges nicely with intermediate and advanced terrain. This area is where you can slip into advanced classes as the terrain quickly changes nicely challenging you. The “wall of Mt. Nagi”, commonly called “Nakikabe”, has an inner wall and a large wall and the large wall is unstressed snow. It is also used for technical selection and certification, and it is a short distance but has a good response for improving your technique.
At the base of Nakiyama Slope, Happo-one Ski and Snowboard School has their check in office for lessons. There is also a kids and family snow play area 「Nakiyama Snowland」 and a free parking area nearby.

  • Slope gradientMax. 35°C / Average 17°C
  • Degree of difficultyIntermediate – Upper beginner
  • Course length750m

Riesen Slalom course


Shirakaba slope


Located on the mid and base part of Happo, the area features three courses that are separated vertically. Courses can be selected according to your level, so everyone can enjoy together on the same slope even if the level is different in the group. Let's practice carving using the large slope. Because it is right next to the gondola “Adam”, it’s great for finding your rhythm and lapping up and down often.

  • Slope gradientMax. 20°C / Average 11°C
  • Degree of difficultyBeginner
  • Course length500m

Sakka slope


The area is a comfortable family playfield next to Sakka Snow Plaza.
This is a large facility which has a wide indoor eatery and some outdoor seating too.
Sakka Area is equipped with restrooms, changerooms, lockers, a nursery (child-minding center) and kids rest space inside Snow Plaza Sakka.

  • Slope gradientMax. 18°C / Average 10°C
  • Degree of difficultyBeginner
  • Course length600m

Panorama course


A very popular intermediate course. It‘s perfect for the first warm up run after exiting from the gondola. The 16°C slope is great for carving turn practice. There is also a detour traverse, so if you can “ski,” “stop” and “turn” well then, you can challenge yourself with peace of mind. If you bypass the steep slope, it becomes a 10-15°C gradient and even beginners can challenge it.

  • Slope gradientMax. 25°C / verage 16°C
  • Degree of difficultyIntermediate
  • Course length700m

Usagidaira slope


A narrow entry course which can be rough at first but the most attractive point is the complicated terrain as it is quite steep in the beginning, especially on a powder day after fresh snowfall. The course has unique terrain all the way to the to the end, so you can fully challenge and enjoy it. There are 3 levels of charm. In the middle part, there are many uniformed bumps, and in the final stage, the slopes change and become irregular with a large drop. The last drop is for experts with a high degree of difficulty.

  • Slope gradientMax. 31°C / Average 23°C
  • Degree of difficultyAdvanced
  • Course length800m

Kurobishi slope


The famous Happo slope alongside Usagidaira. Master the “Monster Bumps and you're already a master of Happo! There are dozens of lines even with lots of bumps. On the lift side, the slope is hard and the attention of people admiring from the lift is also great. On a fresh powder day, the bumps are filled in and it becomes a powder maniac zone. In contrast, the Kurobishi second lower slope has a gentle flat gradient. The perfect spot to practice. The slope is north facing, so the snow quality is always very good.

  • Slope gradientMax. 31°C / Average 27°C
  • Degree of difficultyAdvanced
  • Course length630m

Skyline course


Connecting from Kurobishi all the way down to the Sakka grounds. Overall this course is smooth and moderate except for one slope that is located on the skier’s right next to the Skyline lift. This is ungroomed & on a powder day fantastic fun! When it does snow heavy, Skyline will be a gem for everyone. It is truly an attractive length offering ascending and descending terrain. From Kurobishi, the course offers a side traverse road continuing to Sakka, so even beginners can challenge with peace of mind and exit off before it becomes too difficult.

  • Slope gradientMax. 32°C / Average 16°C
  • Degree of difficultyIntermediate
  • Course length8,000m

Riesen Grat course


You can enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Japan's Northern Alps from the highlest elevation. Riesen Grat course features the finest views in Happo area.

  • Slope gradientMax. 30°C / Average 13°C
  • Degree of difficultyUpper intermediate - Expert
  • Course length600m

Central course


The attraction is a high-speed long turn on a steep slope with a beautifully levelled slope and the maximum slope along the skier's left can be felt. However, the short turn is the greatest feeling the fall line must be maintained. The powder run after a good snowfall is the best on this steep course. The bumps can be enjoyed by advanced skiers. The snow quality changes here due to sunshine from morning until the evening. Even if it is hard in the morning, it softens during the day, and in the evening it hardens again. Great practice for all-round skiers.

  • Slope gradientMax. 27°C / Average 17°C
  • Degree of difficultyAdvanced – Upper Intermediate
  • Course length1,200m

Olympic course I

オリンピックコース I

Men's downhill course of the Winter Olympics held in February 1998. From the panoramic course, go over the Russi jump and go down the corridor-like course, finally ski down to Kokusai slope. At first, there is a gentle and pleasant slope, followed by the adrenalin rush suitable for the next eager Olympians. Lastly, there is a twisted one-sided slope taking advantage of natural terrain. The so-called “Kokuichi”, without a detour, ski down to the goal area of the Olympic men ’s downhill.

  • Slope gradientMax. 35°C / Average 31°C
  • Degree of difficultyAdvanced
  • Course length3,000m

Olympic course II

オリンピックコース II

Women’s downhill course of the Winter Olympic held in February 1998. Currently it is used as a FIS, all-Japan tournament course. From the panorama course to the steep slope, immediate ski down to the so-called “Panokyu”, also known as “Tatekko” horse stop jump. At the end of the course, the corridor with a gentle slope continues, and the goal is the Sakka beginner slope. Beginners have a detour course so please use it.

  • Slope gradientMax. 35°C / Average 31°C
  • Degree of difficultyAdvanced
  • Course length2,650m

Adventure Park Sakka


This kid's ground is protected by safety nets, kid's can enjoy fun and safe snow activities. An automatically moving walk-way is prepared for beginner skiers and little kids.
Kids Park

Usagidaira Kids Park


You can enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Japan's Northern Alps from the highlest elevation. Riesen Grat course features the finest views in Happo area.
Kids Park

Tenbo course


Drop into this seriously steep pitch right under the Nagano Olympic Men‘s SG Start House. Roughly 37 degree south facing slope from Usagidaira area. There are a few tricky sections in the beginning such as the steepness & the angle when sliding back to the main Riesen Slalom course. We recommend using the natural banks & rolling slope for an exciting & thrilling adventure. The start point is an amazing sight-seeing spot & on a clear day, one can see as far as the southern alps.

  • Slope gradientMax. 37°C / Average 30°C
  • Degree of difficultyExpert
  • Course length250m

Omusubi – off piste


The finest powder area opened to the public in 2018-2019 season. Enter Omusubi by gliding down to the traverse road from Skyline to Panorama course.
The upper open face is approximately 30°C plus gradient and offers an epic start point to begin your long carving turns. From this point the opposing groomer runs in the foreground and superb mountain and valley panoramic views are impressive. As you glide into the mid-area, you will find many natural kickers and enjoy the wild terrain. The bottom ends with a thrilling tree run area. This ungroomed off-piste terrain is for experts who ultimately can stir up adventure and have an epic glide even if it is not powder packed on the day.

  • Slope gradientMax. 33°C / Average 27°C
  • Degree of difficultyExpert
  • Course length500m

Omusubi * Area precautions

  • Only enter when the gate is open.
  • Omusubi is an area for expert skiers and riders.
  • The OPEN / CLOSE of the area will be decided on the day, Happo Ski Patrol will assess the area and check snow and weather conditions.
  • Depending on the avalanche risk level and weather conditions (strong wind, icy conditions, poor visibility etc.), it may be closed for your safety.
  • Please exit Omusubi as indicated by the marked exit points as illustrated on the signboard next to the entrance gate.
  • Both sides of the area are regulated by poles and signboards. Do not enter restricted areas. As Happo area rules apply, please be do not enter the side and backcountry from this point. Only enter backcountry from the top gate at Grat quad lift.

Urakuro – off piste


Specially designated area on the north side of Kuroishi #3 pair lift. Enjoy the finest powder against the backdrop of the dynamic mountain peaks of the Northern Alps! This off-piste area is steep, challenging and requires experience in unpredictable terrain. For experts this is a highly desirable black diamond mission and with the natural snow conditions at an altitude of 1,600m, it is pure adrenalin feeling!

  • Slope gradientMax. 31°C / Average 27°C
  • Degree of difficultyExpert
  • Course length800m