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Thu 9 ~ Sun 12 March – 60th All Japan Ski Technical Championships & Course Regulations

The 60th All Japan Ski Technical Championship will be held from 9 March ~ 12 March.
Athletes technique, skill & free expression of skiing convey the depth & dynamics of their all-round ski ability.
**Details of course regulations will be announced later.
Click HERE for the All Japan Ski Technical Championships official website.

▼Partial Course Restrictions for the Championships
Due to the “60th All-Japan Skiing Skiing Ski Championships,” the Usagidaira & Kurobishi slope will be closed on the following days.

・Mon 6 March *Part of the Usagidaira slope

・Tuesday 7 March  ~ Sunday 12 March

During the above period, skiing&riding is not allowed on the restricted area in the red box below.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Events & Competitions