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“OBINATA-NO-YU” starts regular business

The public ONSEN “OBINATA-NO-YU” started regular business since Sun 1st Mar!
Would you like to relax in an outdoor ONSEN while feeling the spring atmosphere?
OBINATA-NO-YU contains natural hydrogen,  it is the closest ONSEN to the origin of the source (well).
The ONSEN water has health benefits which can also aid in the cure of muscular pain, nerve damage, bruising, fatigue and not to mention is very good for keeping the skin soft.
Come visit us at OBINATA-NO-YU a traditional Japanese outdoor ONSEN and have a relaxing time!

◆Business hours
OPEN 9:00am – CLOSE 6:00pm (Last entry 5:30pm)

Adult / 650 yen
Child / 300 yen

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What's New