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On December 6th, Happo-one Resort opened its first slopes. Due to a lack of snow and significant rainfall over the past few days, many of the slopes remain unopened. The following lifts will begin operations for the purposes of sightseeing, mountaineering and backcountry.
Resort skiers and snowboarders are not yet able to use these lifts.

◆ Grat Quad Lift will begin operating from Thursday 19th Dec
8:45 ~ 14:00 / last lift down 15:00
※You cannot ride or ski on the Risen Grat Course. The lift is only for use by sightseers, mountain climbers and experienced back country skiers/riders. All guests exiting the ski resort must submit a climbers registration form at the Gondola ticket window or at Happo ike Sanso hut located at the top exit of Grat quad lift.
LEARN MORE → Climbers Registration Form
→  Compass phone application OR website online application form 

◆ Kitaone Quad Lift will begin operating from Friday 20th Dec
9:00 ~ 14:30 / last lift down 16:0
※The lift is for sightseeing and restaurant use only. You cannot ride or ski in the area.

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What's New