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Alpen Line Operation – Autumn ends 25th Oct!

COVID-19 safety operation measures are in place at all our facilities. 
We have had to make some adjustments to the lift opening & closing hours, please confirm the following information below when planning a trip to Happo-one. More information → COVID-19 UPDATE

Alpen Line (Gondola – Alpen quad – Grat quad) opens on Monday 1st June~ Sunday 25th October 2020
※Inclement weather such as heavy rainfall, electrical thunderstorms may affect the daily operation.
    Rainy season is from 1st June – mid-July. For the latest news also check our official FACEBOOK

Gondola                8:00~17:00
Alpen quad lift   8:15~16:50
Grat quad lift       8:30~16:40

Weekends 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th
Gondola                 7:00~17:00
Alpen quad lift      7:15~16:50
Grat quad lift        7:30~16:40

Final  12th~25th 
Gondola                 8:00~17:00
Alpen quad lift      8:15~16:50
Grat quad lift        8:30~16:40

Weekday and weekend lift times may change according to seasonality. To view the Alpen Lift Line operation times please check the GOOGLE CALENDAR
※The page will re-direct to Japanese however, the operation times are expressed in Japanese and English in the Google calendar as LIFTS. Click on LIFTS to display each lift operation times.

Telephone Inquiries: Happo Information Center 0261-72-3066 (weekdays 8:00 ~ 17:00, weekends and national holidays 7:30 ~ 17:00), Alpen Line 0261-72-3280, Kurobishi Line 0261-72-2715 (8:00~ 17:00)

What's New