The Shonan @Hakuba Mountain Beach was postponed from this summer.  We are delighted to announce that we will hold the event on Saturday 17th October! One of the very popular beaches in Japan, known as Shonan collaborates with HAKUBA MOUNTAIN BEACH to hold a variety of special events. 

We’ll also have a mix of funky and chilled out tunes with DJ artist Brandin playing at designated times.
Hakuba Mountain Beach is located at Usagidaira Terrace rooftop and as part of the event, we will also display a cool photo gallery for guests to enjoy.

We recommend to visit the GALLERY and SHOP to view Yoichi Yabe san postcard collection. GYOSAN and Pacific Park Hotel T-shirts in Shonan colors. Junichi Miyaji”Chigasaki Music Story”.

Date: Saturday 17th October 2020
DJ: Brandin DJ, Miyaji Junichi san
Time 11:00~12:00、12:30~13:30、14:00~15:00
Venue: HAKUBA MOUNTAIN BEACH at Usagidaira Terrace
Entry: Free *Gondola fare to be charged, Adult return 1,800yen, Child return 1,000yen

※Depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection, the content of the seminar may be subject to change suddenly.