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Trek Through the Chubu-Sangaku National Park

During the green season, usually between June and October, Hakuba Happo-one's most popular and picturesque trekking route takes hikers through the Chubu Sangaku National Park. Start your journey at the Happo Ike Sanso Station, the final stop of the Happo Alpenline and the Kurobishi line. On a clear day, you will be able to gaze out over 100 of Japan's most picturesque mountains, including the iconic Mt. Fuji.

The hike leads you through lush green highlands, with plenty of endemic alpine plants, which have been designated Natural Monuments of Nagano Prefecture. With a little bit of luck, you can even watch Japanese serows and snow grouses in their natural surroundings.

After an ascent of around 90 minutes, you'll come to the crystal-clear Happo Pond, also known as the observation platform of Japan's Northern Alps. At an altitude of 2,060 m, you'll be wowed by breathtaking views of the Shirouma Sanzan mountain range and the sky, reflecting in the pond's deep blue water. Take a break at one of the big rocks around the pond and enjoy the fresh summer breeze high up in the mountains.

Take a Ride on the Happo Alpenline

the Happo Alpenline

The three lifts that make up the Happo Alpenline provide some of the most scenic views of Hakuba Happo-one. Within 30 minutes the Adam gondola lift, the Alpen Quad lift, and the Grad Quad lift bring you to the Happo Ike Sanso Station at an altitude of 1,830 m.

After taking in the awe-inspiring views across Japan's 100 most famous mountains, venture further north and find yourself surrounded by the lush green highlands, where you can see many endemic alpine plants and animals.

If you are feeling energetic, the Happo Pond is a 90-minute hike from Happo Ike Sanso Station. At an altitude of 2,060 m, the pond is the best spot to take in Japan's Northern Alps and is a popular sightseeing spot for both Japanese and international visitors. As the mirror-like waters reflect the blue sky and the three peaks of the Shirouma Sanzan mountain range, you'll soon understand why.

Kurobishi Line

Kurobishi Line

Getting to the Kurobishi Line--a combination of the Kurobishi No. 3 Pair lift (1,500 m) and the Grad Quad lift (1,680 m)--is an adventure in itself. The drive to the station takes you along the picturesque, 8km-long Kurobishi Rindo road, which winds through the lush green forest of Wadano no Mori, taking you past the little Wadano no Mori Church and the Tetsuo Kikuchi Alpine Photograph Gallery. You'll need to keep your wits about you as the road contains steep curves, sheer drops, and narrow passes, but fortune favors the brave.

After this refreshing drive through the area's abundant nature, you will eventually reach the Cafeteria Kurobishi, located next to the Kurobishi No. 3 Pair lift. When onboard, the views get even better as you are taken over the amazing scenery of Japan's Northern Alps.

The Kurobishi No. 3 Pair lift takes you to the Kurobishi plateau and the Kamaike marshland within just a few minutes. You can also venture further by transferring to the Grad Quad lift, from whose final station, Happo Ike Sanso, is the starting point of a popular trekking route to the miraculous mountain pond Happo.

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