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Season Pass Online application form

2019-2020 Season Pass - early bird
Type Price Notes
Early Bird All Season Pass *1 61,000 Open day: season start - MAY 6, 2020
Early Bird Weekday Season Pass 48,000 Open day: season start - MAY 6, 2020
Cannot be used on public holidays which fall on a weekday (Mon-Fri).
*Not applicable from DECEMBER 28, 2019 to JANUARY 5, 2020
Early Bird Senior Season Pass *2 58,000 Open day: season start - MAY 6, 2020
Early Bird Child Season Pass *3 30,000 Open day: season start - MAY 6, 2020
*1 Adult: Over 13 years old.
*2 Senior: Over 60 years old. Must show a valid photo ID.
*3 Child: 12 years old and under (elementary school student)
* The user of this pass agrees to comply with the terms & conditions as outlined in this application form. Any personal information registered is for the purpose of marketing for Hakuba Happo-one & our alliance with Vail Resorts (EPIC PASS).
The user has carefully read & understood this agreement.

Happo Season Pass (PDF)

  • "Earybird Season Pass" online payment service with credit card deadline is 31st October 2019 by 5:00pm (Japan Standard Time).

How to apply

  1. Complete application form * Necessary documents
  2. Upload photo in jpg format only (above 300 x 300 pixel not exceeding 3300 x 3300 pixel)
  3. Application complete
    A confirmation email application will be sent for your records. Bring that page to Happo Information Centre in person when you pick up your season pass.
  4. How to pick up
    Pick up your season pass in person with the documents below.
    - Season Pass receipt
    - Confirmation email
    *Bring valid Photo ID (passport or drivers license)


Season Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason after purchase.


We are unable to issue a receipt for online applications. Please use your comfirmation email or bank transfer receipt.

Season Pass Online application form

First Name
Last Name
Your place of residence Japan    outside of Japan
(street and number)
City / Province / State
Postcode / Zip
Birth date(Y/M/D) / /
Telephone (home)
Telephone (mobile)
confirm email
Payment Type Credit Card
  Does the Credit Card holder name match the Happo Season Pass application name?
Yes    No
If NO, please write the name of the Credit Card holder in the box below.
Type of Season Pass

Please click "confirm" after reading the following "Terms and conditions".

Terms and conditions
Season pass holders are required to abide by the terms and conditions outlined below including Hakuba Rules and Hakuba Happo Area Rules.

  • Passes can be used only after the ski area has opened. Depending on the snow conditions, Happo-one may open/close earlier than planned.
  • Passes can be used only by the registered holder.
  • Lending, transfer and resale of passes is wholly prohibited. Any use or alteration of passes, will result in confiscation.
  • If the pass has been misused in any way, we will request payment for damages and confiscate your pass. In this situation, if you display bad conduct or become malicious, we will inform the police.
  • Passes must be shown for inspection on request by Ski Patrol Staff or Attendants in the ski area.
  • Any person found to be in violation of Hakuba Rules, Hakuba Happo Area Rules will be subject to pass confiscation and asked to leave the ski area.
  • In the event of loss or damage to the pass, please contact the Season Pass Office as soon as possible. A reissue fee of 2,000yen applies.
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy and will use any personal information registered for the sole purpose of marketing for Hakuba Happo-one and our alliance Vail Resorts (EPIC PASS).