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There are seven complimentary parking lots for the space of 1,100 cars in Happo-one Winter Resort. And also a number of paid parking alternatives in this area that offer convenient access.

Parking map

Parking status

2017.05.09 08:22 update
2nd Parking 2nd Parking 70 cars Near "Happo no yu" Onsen
3rd Parking 3rd Parking 200 cars Near "Sato no yu" Onsen
5th Parking 5th Parking 100 cars Go 100m to the north of "Happo" traffic lights.
6th Parking 6th Parking 400 cars Nakiyama Area
8th Parking 8th Parking 250 cars Sakka Area
9th Parking 9th Parking 200 cars Kokusai & Sakka Area
(Kokusai #1 lift - Sakka #2 lift)

Today's Happo-one

2017.05.07 12:04 update
Usagidaira SUN 55.4°F / 13°C
snow: 60cm
SUN - °F / - °C
snow: - cm
Kurobishi SUN 55.4°F / 13°C
snow: 65cm

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