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Happo Information Center / Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal

Happo Information Center

Happo Information Center is located at the entrance of Happo and Happo-one Ski Area.
Lift tickets, bus tickets, reservations, information and merchandise as well as general facilities and services are provided.
Happo Information Centre is also Hakuba, Happo Bus Terminal a major transportation terminal for arrivals and departures to and from Narita International Airport, Nagano, nearby Omachi City, Otari Village and Hakuba local bus route.

Inquiries: 0261-72-3066 (domestic call)
(81-261-72-3066 from overseas)

Business Hour

7 days a week
6:00-18:00 (April 1st - Middle of December)
6:00-21:00 (Middle of December - March 31st)


No2 parking, located in front of information center [ More Information ]


Japanese, English

Service & Facilities

< 1F >
- Free Wi-Fi

- Locker
- Public toilets
- Public PC(¥100/10mins)
- Mobile phone charger (¥200)
- Rental Bicycle service (May - October)
- Sale Hakuba Goods and souvenirs at Info Store
- Café Happo
- Ticket and Tour desk, Official Tourist Information for International services
- Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

< 2F >
- Changing rooms
- Outdoor shop "Mont-bell Room"
- Foreign Currency exchange machine

Ticket Counter

Desk Open: 6:00-17:00
- Happo-one Season pass
- Happo Accommodation lift tickets
- Hakuba Valley Ticket Season Pass

Bus Ticket
Desk Open: 6:00-18:00
- Hakuba- Shinjuku *
- Nagano-Hakuba
- Local Line (Hakuba Station ~ Happo ~ Tsugaike)
- Hakuba-Narita *
   Alpico: 2016 Dec 17th- March 5th [URL]
   Hakuba Snow Shuttle: 2016 Dec 17th- March 12th [URL]
- Hakuba-Haneda *
   Hakuba Snow Shuttle: 2016 Dec 17th- March 12th [URL]
* Reservation necessary

Café Happo

Fresh coffee and home-made sweets and snacks when you arrive, depart or just need a break. The Café also has a selection of local souvenirs from Hakuba and Shinshuu region.

Business Hours 7 days a week
(Middle of December - March 31st)

Mont-bell Room : Outdoor Shop

Function is beauty. Outdoor mountain shop with a variety of clothes and gear in many vibrant colors.
Happo Mont-bell shop has unique local Happo wear and goods.

Business Hours 7 days a week

Today's Happo-one

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