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44th Hakuba Happo-one Summer Festival

Spend a fun summer night at the Happo Summer Festival.
Singing, dancing,Taiko Drumming & more in front of the Happo Culture Centre (Behind Happo Information Center).
Dress up in a summer yukata & join the local village summer celebrations.


18:30: Opening ceremony

19:00: Crack the sake barrel & complimentary sake

19:20: Hakuba Happo Taiko LIVE performance

19:50: 〇・✕ QUIZ GAME

20:20: Traditional Bon Dance

20:50: Finale ends with Fireworks display

For more details: 0261-72-2715(Japanese only)
LIKE us :  FACEBOOK for English & Japanese.

Hakuba will celebrate 「OBON ODORI」 summer festivals for 3 days.
Tuesday 13th August at Green Sports Camping ground (Near the Shell gasoline stand)
Wednesday 14th August at Happo-one (behind Happo Information Center), 44th Hakuba Happo Onsen summer fesitval
Thursday 15th August at JR Hakuba Station, YOSAKOI!
More information → https://vill.hakuba.nagano.jp/privilege/natsumatsuri/index.html

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