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Spring Ski News - APRIL

Upper slopes at Riesen Grat, Usagidaira, Kurobishi, Skyline, Panorama course are OPEN.
※Happo Patrol check & assess the safety of the slope, dependinig on the slope safety courses can open or close.

Image: 29th April 2019 – GW First Track Event at Usagidaira slope.

To exit the mountain you can download from Usagidaira & ride the Gondola to Happo Station.

Click on the trail map & guide link of Happo below for OPEN/CLOSED areas.    

Some areas are ungroomed due to lack of snow cover.
Bush & rocks have been exposed so please be careful skiing & riding上矢印
Red poles indicate holes or uneven surfaces.

All beginner areas/courses & base areas have CLOSED with exception to the upper beginner level 2 (cat tracks only open).
1. Skyline cat track
2. Panorama cat track

If you are an absolute beginner or first timer, we recommend to reserve a ski or snowboard lesson with a ski school.
Click on the web link below for programs, prices and reservations.

Happo-one Ski & Snowboard School

Evergreen Ski School

Happo Banks CLOSED 7th April, thank you for visiting this season.
Usagidaira Kids Park is OPEN from 10:00am ~ 3:30pm. Free entry!
More info here → http://www.happo-one.jp/english/plan/kids.html 

Lift Tickets:
Adult: 4,000yen Child: 1,000yen

Gondola ticket window is OPEN 22nd April until 6th May 2019
Kokusai ticket window is OPEN 27th April until 6th May 2019
Nakiyama ticket window is CLOSED
Sakka ticket window is CLOSED

Happo Information Center business hours have changed to summer time.
Mont-Bell room has also adjusted their business operation hours.
Open everyday 6:00am ~ 6:00pm.


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