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2nd Feb (Sat) ~ 3rd Feb (Sun) 2018-2019 Lift & Restaurant

Happo Banks Opens tomorrow for the season 2019.
Opening ceremony starts at 9:30am with guest riders, demonstration, lottery & prize giveaway, DJ & MC! 
Event details → http://www.happo-one.jp/english/blog/2019/02/happo-banks-open-event-2nd-feb-sat.html


Kurobishi #3 Pair lift opened today for the season 2019.
Please go ahead & ride the lift.
You can ski/ride at Urakuro off-piste, Kurobishi, Skyline & also access the top lift at Reisen Grat.


For tomorrow’s lift & restaurant operations, pleae click on this link below.


For a detailed slope & snow condition report read the report from the crew at SnowNavi

All shuttle bus operation timetables & routes, jump to this section of our official HP

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