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5th Jan (Sat) ~ 6th Jan (Sun) 2018-2019 Lift & Restaurant

Fabulous day! Just Perfect晴れ


The winter season is in it’s peak now, many holiday makers are in town, the Japanese New Year Period is half way complete & this
weekend will be exciting, the celebrations for the new year & festive season are still on!
So feel good about it & join in the fun with us on the slopes.

For tomorrow’s latest lift & restuarant operations click on the link below.

Sakka Kids Park OPEN every day from 9:00am ~ 4:00pm. (600yen entry fee).


※Usagidaira Pair lift & Central Pair lift are closed due to regular machine checks.
Thank you for your understanding.


Do you have a sweet tooth?
Try these delicious cookies at Kitaone Kogen Terrace ( Sakka Kitaone Quad Lift)
The restaurant & cafe has been renewed tooびっくり


All shuttle bus operation timetables & routes, jump to this section of our official HP→


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