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12th Jan (Sat) ~ 14th Jan (Mon) 2018-2019 Lift & Restaurant

RIESEN GRAT COURSE will OPEN tomorrow from 11:00am!
Beginner area expands! Sakka 3 triple lift will operate tomorrow.
Purchase a debut ticket (Sakka 2, Sakka 3, Sakka Quad lifts only) ticket option.
Or learn in a safe zone (course separated) area at Sakka Kids Park.

For tomorrow’s latest lift & restuarant operations click on the link below.

Read the snow navi slope report with details about snow conditions today!


Learn how to ski and ride well starting from 3 years old & over.
Our official ski schools have a program to fit your needs!
Our schools: click on the web link below for programs, prices and reservations.

Happo-one Ski School

Evergreen Ski School


Sakka Kids Park OPEN every day from 9:00am ~ 4:00pm. (600yen entry fee).  

All shuttle bus operation timetables & routes, jump to this section of our official HP→


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