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2018-2019 Happo-one EARLYBIRD Winter Pass

Hakuba Happo-one Season Pass SALE starts 12:00pm on Monday 3rd September & ends
5:00pm on Thursday 8th November 2018.
Click on this link for online purchase on 3rd September from 12:00pm.上矢印

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Winter & spring skiing/riding at Happo lasts an eternity…5 months is long.
We plan to open end of November (pre-season) until around mid December it is OFF-PEAK.
The winter really starts from Christmas until end of February. When spring comes in mid-March,
it still snows & the base of winter holds until 6th May ( OFF-PEAK).
When do you plan to visit us? If you have any questions, message us via FACEBOOK inbox or call your local travel agent.
Hakuba is BIG, known as the Hakuba Valley which encompasses 9 ski resorts across 3 regions, take a look at Hakuba Valley home page and their season pass for the Valley if you plan to ski for longer than 2 weeks, you may want to discover more of our beautiful snow country.

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