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Let’s go SKIMO! Happo Skyline Course

SKI MOuntaineering is one of the most active sports you can participate in to have fun, get fit and/or be competitive.
Hakuba, Happo-one has implented an uphill course within the Skyline course area.
SKI MO course will close on Sunday 7th April and the registration will also close.
    Thank you for using the SKI MO UPHILL course this season!

More information on SKIMO JAPAN via this hyperlink.
Precautions when using the UPHILL course

※The yellow UPHILL signboards are set to the side of the course from the bottom to the top.
Within this area, hikers must stay within the designated trail which is approximately 1.5 meters wide.

※Hikers accept the fact that there is inherent risk when participating in this activity.
Whilst the Ski Resort will secure the slope as best as we can, there is a danger of unexpected accidents occurring in activities taken in natural conditions.

※ Participants (hikers) must purchase the UPHILL user sticker for 200yen and seal it to a noticeable part of the helmet and or wear. Helmets & durable wear are compulsory.
    Understand that the UPHILL course is not a climbing course, and pay special attention to skiers and riders from the upper part of the Skyline course,
    especially whilst climbing uphill and act carefully at your own risk. A WRITTEN CONSENT form must be signed at the ticket window before entering the course.
    ※Click on the sample via the hyperlink above.

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