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New Year Countdown Event 2017-18

On the last day of 2017 we will count down to the new year!
31st December 2017 at Happo One Ski Resort, Nakiyama Slope Ski School.
Night Ski from 10pm is free, hot calpis & sake free, best costume contests & prize draws!
Everyone planning to spend this year's countdown at Happo, please come to Nakiyama Slope!
【Last year’s images from countdown at Nakiyama】

【Time Schedule】

21:00 Regular night ski ends

22:00 FREE night ski begins!

22:50 Countdown Clock begins!

23:00 Official Event starts

23:05 Breaking the sake barrel (free sake & hot calpis)

23:15 Costume contest

23:35 Happy Happo Dance

23:40 Nakiyama Lift closes, Illumination, Prize draw

23:59 Countdown chorus begins

00:00 Fireworks

00:15 Fireworks end (venue clean up & pack up)

00:30 Head to Hosono Shrine for prayers, charms & pictures 2018!

※ Times may alter depending on the situation & weather.


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