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Pizza Picnic at Kitaone Kogen Highland

Get away from your routine, try something new!
At 1,200m Kitaone Kogen Highland is a refreshing outdoor spot to unwind & take in the picturesque alpine views surrounding the plateau.
Last year we renovated Kitaone Kogen Terrace & opened up the deck area as well as setting up various rest spots around the Nature Flower Park for guests to take away lunch at your private deck or on the BBQ patio tables.
Here’s a sample of the delicious local menu!
Shinshu dining; stir-fried Hakuba pork, mushrooms & onions. In season vegetables, picked nozawana, high in anti-oxidants Hakuba purple rice.
Also served with a country homegrown receipe pork, vegetable and mochi miso flavoured broth.
Another specialty dish on the menu is Hakuba pork sausage with rapeseed flowers, red peppers and tasty cheese.
A popular option for guests is to take away the pizza & enjoy lunch on the deck.
More information via our official home page: Kitaone Kogen Highland

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