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Happo Onsen OPENS at 6:00am 27th Apr ~ 6th May

The water at Happo no yu (Happo Onsen) is very special indeed.
A study by the Nippon Onsen Research Institute revealed that the thermal spring has a significantly high level of hydrogen concentration.
This means that your body & mind can be healthier as the effects of hydrogen can ease joint & muscle pain, fight againt the effects of aging,
improve circulation, reduce inflammation which can subsequently prevent other illnesses. Take a bath at Happo no Yu!
You will experience peak hudrogen concentration 5 minutes after entering the bath, the ppb (parts per billion of hydrogen) you will encounter is between 50-60, although at the onsen’s original source ppb rises to an amazing 120 ppb.

Now that you know about Happo Onsen, we invite you to enjoy a special Golden Week time with us, relax & refresh.
We are open from 06:00 – 22:00 every day. (Last entry 21:30)
Sat 27th April until Tue 6th May 2019.
Adult : 800yen Child 400yen


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