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New ticket & gate system at Happo-one & Hakuba Valley 新票劵&閘門系統在八方尾根


Mountain is getting whiter day by day.

Before the GRAND OPENING we have several traning sessions for the new gate system.




The new gate is very ingenious. Different to the old gate system where you had to touch the panel with your pass/ticket direct to the gate and pass through.

Now, it’s easier to board by just passing through the gate smoothly. The lift pass/ticket is an RFID card produced by maker SKIDATA, with a greater reading distance (antenna).




◎How do I use my RFID (IC) Pass?

The electronic tickets is also known as an RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification Device) or chip

which registers when you pass through the lift ticket gates.
Place the lift ticket inside the left hand
pocket of your ski jacket when passing through the lift ticket gate and the turnstile will allow access automatically.
The lift ticket
should be in a pocket on its own. 
Mobile phones, keys and other objects in the same pocket may be the reason why the pass is not
registering should you find it is not working or possibly it is buried too deeply inside your clothing.

※It is not advisable to keep the Keycards (rigid type tickets) in the glove as they can be bent easily
when the customer falls.
Bent cards can malfunction and also can`t be returned at return machines or reused at the card printers for recharging.


1.票卡請勿與 香菸,鑰匙,打火機,其它IC卡片等含金屬物品重疊,會影響卡片感應。





For a better ski experience & greater convenience for our guests, we acknowledged necessary improvements thanks to your feedback & co-operation by filling in our survey year after year.
We look forward to lauching the new system this year!書呆子

Please wait and see.




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