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【Event】Kids Festival*兒童祭典

Outdoor and on snow activities at Sakka slppe kids park Snow-cyao.

在咲花雪區兒童公園Snow-cyao 體驗戶外以及雪上活動!
The 2011~2012 2nd placed Champion Nordic skier from Japan turned up to this local event in his hometown to share his trophies, his ski tour ‘around the globe’ memoirs and passion with the crowd. Mr Watabe also joined in with the guests and locals for the kids games held at Snow-Chao. We thank him kindly for his time, lovely smile and for signing autographs and posing with the fans of all ages.

Six teams participated in the various competitions on snow where each category was judged on a point tally system as well as speed. Local characters Ohyokkurin and Gari Gari Kun as well as Mr Watabe were objects of the ball games, rallies and races. The top scoring team received prizes however, all the kids participating earned a bag of goodies at the end of the day.

在這個活動中,分成六個隊伍分別比賽速度,合作,等等並與八方尾根雪場兒童雪區的代表角色 Ohyokkurin 和渡部先生一起遊戲。最高分的人可以獲得精美禮物以及小點心組合。
As the winter season draws to an end we look forward to the last final events at Happo-one Ski Resort. Keep abreast of the news online either via our homepage ‘What’s New’ or our Facebook page.


關於我們的最新消息請看官方臉書中的what news 或是 八方尾根官方臉書喔!

20th March 10:00* enjoy at Happo-one♪

3月20日 早上10點 跟我們一起享受八方尾根的美好吧♪

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